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Izzy's Amazing Granola is a nutritionally dense cereal, topping, or snack. It is 74% nuts and seeds and 2g of sugar per serving! Ingredients include: Organic gluten-free oats, Organic pecans, organic pumpkin seeds, Organic sunflower seeds, Organic virgin coconut oil, Organic coconut, Organic maple syrup, Organic flax, and unrefined sea salt. 

Nutrition Label

All Organic Ingredients and Biodegradable Packaging

Having a commitment to Organic food is not only good for people, it good for farmers and the environment. I'm excited to announce that all but my coconut flakes are now organic and I am applying for my organic certification. Biodegradable packaging is now in and is now incorporated into my final product...I only am able to offer this with online sales and face to face sales.

Looking for promotional items, wholesale, or private label?

Looking for a fundraising opportunity? Want a unique business card experience? Need to fill your corporate cereal/snack bar with something more nutritious?


Jason, Oregon

"No other breakfast powers me through my strenuous bike rides...more than eggs and bacon...no lie."

Debbie, Oregon

"You turned me into a hoarder; when my family comes over, I hide it."

Suzie, California

"This granola is spectacular! I really love it.... I eat a lot of granola because I am always looking for the perfect one. I think yours is the perfect granola. I also don't get hungry until 3:00 PM"

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