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granola 74% Nuts and Seeds, 2g Sugar


Nutritionally Dense = Sustained Energy

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Izzy's Amazing Granola is an amazingly flavorful cereal, topping, or snack. It is 74% nuts and seeds and 2g of sugar per serving! 

Ingredients include: Organic gluten-free oats, Organic pecans, organic pumpkin seeds, Organic sunflower seeds, Organic unrefined extra virgin coconut oil, Organic coconut, Organic maple syrup, Organic flax, and unrefined sea salt. 

Contains: Tree Nuts

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All Organic Ingredients and Biodegradable Packaging

Having a commitment to organic food is not only good for people, it good for farmers and the environment. I'm excited to announce that all of my ingredients are now organic and gluten free! Biodegradable packaging can be special ordered for pick-up...or automatically sent via mail; you will need to put in an airtight container upon receipt. 

Where to find IZZY's

Bend, OR: Locavore, West Coast Provisions, Newport Market, Humble Beet, St. Charle's Hospital Gift Shop, Food4Less

Sunriver, OR: Sunriver Country Store

Redmond, OR: Cornucopia, School House Produce

Prineville, OR: Nature's Bounty, Just One Acre, Panderia Clarita (outlet), 

Sisters, OR: Melvin's

CSA: Farm2Friend

OUTDOOR MARKETS: Bend Downtown (Wednesdays 2-6); Bend Northwest Crossing (Starting 6/8 Saturdays 10-2); Crooked River Open Pastures (Starting Saturdays 10-2); Sisters Farmer's Market (Sundays 11-2)


Jason, Oregon

"No other breakfast powers me through my strenuous bike rides...more than eggs and bacon...no lie."

Debbie, Oregon

"You turned me into a hoarder; when my family comes over, I hide it."

Suzie, California

"This granola is spectacular! I really love it.... I eat a lot of granola because I am always looking for the perfect one. I think yours is the perfect granola. I also don't get hungry until 3:00 PM"

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